Notes on the 2017 Cape Cod portrait season. (UPDATE)

For anyone finding my work here, looking into scheduling for the 2017 season:

In January 2016, my husband Tom passed away after a 14 month struggle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

With that, I took a necessary break for the 2016 season to process my grief, be with family and friends, travel and to enjoy a quiet summer.
I have always planned to return to my photography business looking forward to this coming season, but with the loss of my husband, everything has changed, including my business as I ran it in the past. Moving ahead with this soon to be arriving season, I am restructuring and really,
re-creating everything.
I will have a new website, featuring new work, and the sessions I am offering will be much more refined.

What I have realized glaringly with Tom’s loss is the deep importance of a portrait.
When your loved one is no longer here on the planet, what is left is the love you shared and the images of this person, which are immortal.
Coming from this new perspective, I intend to enter into every session with my clients knowing the portraits I create are that powerful for my families.

I am still moving very slowly through the overwhelming process of re-engaging with my photography work and putting myself out in the world again. By June of 2017, I will be accepting commissions for the coming Cape Cod summer.

Much gratitude for all of the support, patience and love I have received from so many during this time.

I look forward to seeing you on the beach soon!


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